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How to setup WebUI to listen to a specific IP only?


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My server has 1 NIC with several available IPs, I dedicated one IP for utorrent execlusive use through

the advanced setting net.bind_ip and set WebUI to listen to port 80. and utorrent to use port 13594.

utorrent runs just fin as expected and I can connect to WebUI using the dedicated IP and port. Everything

is just fine. But unfortunatley, Som of my other programs wich listen to port 80 (but on different IPs) failed

to start. when running netstat -aon I found that utorrent to be the problem due to the fact it is listening

on port 80 for all IPs :

TCP                 LISTENING       3456

process 3456 is utorrent.exe. This is not good as i need port 80 to be free on other IPs, but as

you can see utoorent bind itself to all ports:80, Even when I disabled WebUI utorrent still listens to

port 80 on all IPS ( ).

How can I configure utorrent/WebUI to listen to port 80 only on its dedicated IP and not

My config:

Windows Server 2008

uTorrent 3.2

WebUI V0.387

1 NIC with several IPs


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Go to Preferences -> Advanced -> Web UI

There you will see Connectivity, That is where you can set the alternate listening port.

Thanks for the help. But that option changes only the port, Not the IP.

I need to know how to change the listening IP instead of

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