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uTorrent 3.2 constantly overloads the disk drive!


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Hi! :)

I know I'm not the first to report this problem, and I have had some success following the troubleshooting instructions I found in other threads. But usually, all it takes for me is to reboot and uTorrent will function normally. But not this time around. It's been like this for two days now.

I reboot, I start uTorrent, the download goes to...

50 Kbit/s then

80 Kbit/s, then

150 Kbit/s then

320 Kbit/s, then

450 Kbit/s, then

680 Kbit/s, then

720 Kbit/s, then it turns...

600 Kbit/s

400 Kbit/s

250 Kbit/s

120 Kbit/s

50 Kbit/s

10 Kbit/s

It stays around 10 Kb/s.

What the hell is its problem? :mad: And how do I fix this?

I even switched from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate recently and I still have the same stupid problem. So this is a completely clean Windows system now without any bloatware, device problems, registry problems, etc, and it's genuine with latest updates.

The first time I had this problem was on Home Ultimate. I am using uTorrent 3.2 build 27886 and 64-bit Vista.

I started noticing these occasional fast drops in download speed since like version 3.1 of uTorrent. But it was not a persistent problem like now.

I hope someone can help me with this.

When will there be a 3.3 or at least 5.0 version of uTorrent that hopefully addresses this issue?

FYI, the HDD is a Seagate SATA2, and memory is 4GB Corsair DHX DDR2 at 800 MHz.

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I have solved the problem by changing one setting in the preferences.

For future reference:

1. Go to Options menu and pick Preferences or simply just press Ctrl+P.

2. Click the plus sign where it says Advanced in the left column.

3. Click on Disk Cache.

4. Now check the box where it says "Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually" and type in a value in MB. I typed in 200 MB for example. It should not be too high or too low. It's a matter of trial and error here really.

5. Now click OK and you should be set.

The retarded "disk overloaded" message should now quit bugging you if you set the value high enough, and your download speed should boost up now. That's it! Congratulations! You have beaten uTorrent at its own game. The score is now 2 to 1.

It only says 3.2 (build 27886) [32-bit]. Why? Is there a newer version I should know about? Like 3.2.1 or 3.2.2? What are those, Betas?... I thought Betas were the ones that are NOT stable?

I grabbed this one from the official website. I just clicked "get utorrent" button.

Link: http://www.utorrent.com/utorrent-plus/index/frmrvh

Then I clicked the "free download" button.

Direct link: http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/complete/os/win

Now why did this little trick with the settings work out for me?... I am not so sure... and honestly, I don't give a f... it works, and that's the important thing.

Also, I am preparing for a switch to Deluge 1.3.5. And if it doesn't work out for me I will keep on switching until I find a BT client that works and fits my needs. Thankfully there are quite a few clients available and uTorrent is not the only one!

I am sick and tiered of fixing the issues that uTorrent is having. I have been using it since like day one... but now, with BitTorrent Inc purchasing it and everything... with it becoming more media oriented... and generally bloated with stupid apps and features that I don't care much for... and now that it has finally become a heavy beast that requires more and more resources and is not at all the resource friendly option it used to be... and on top of all, now that it's finally not stable anymore since like version 3.0 or so... it's finally time for me to say goodbye to it. Bit Torrent Inc finally broke it! As we feared back in 2006...

I want a client that just works! I don't see how uTorrent can fulfill this need. It even says that I have like HTC Aria which I don't! I do have an Android phone but it's not Aria. I don't get it... where does it get this idea from? What's next? It's gonna say that my house is on fire?... generally speaking, uTorrent of today is overdone and overconsumed, it has become the very thing it always tried not to be... but it's been a good 7 years run, and I am sure gonna miss it and it will take me some time to get used to the new client. Bye!...

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