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[RSS] "Download" vs "Open URL in Browser"


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I`d like to ask what is the different between those options in RSS Feed ?

"Download" vs "Open URL in Browser"

I have RSS link to torrent file. So if I click "Download" utorrent start downloading file (give me the choose where to save )

And iа click "Open URL in Browser" it goes to browser and open the link in it. And if I don't mistake browser should download *.torrent file. But it just open the site.

If I open rssdd.xml.rss file and go directly to the link in any browser it will do the same, just open the torrent site.

I tried several 3.X.X version of utorrent. And every did the same. It downloaded.

So I`d like to ask HOW does utorrent do this ?

PS I tried to change user agent in browser and it didn't help.

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Nothing to do with the request but the response and the contentType (MIME Type) returned in the response.

A browser can handle a range of MIME Types that is has the necessary software mechanisms built in for. eg some image types, text, HTML, XML and so on. a contentType that it does not have the mechanism for is "handed" to a "helper" application, so TIFF images for example, are opened by a graphics program and a .torrent file is passed to a BitTorrent client for handling.

Flexget does whatever it is written to do with whatever content types it happen to handle, BitTorrent clients "know" how to open .torrent files, read the metadata and take the necessary actions specified.

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Thank you very much for you replay.

But it looks like you don't understand me. I`m not noob.

Utorrent looks to rss and get <link>...</link> from it, than it download .torrent file and open it and start download.

Browser and flexget look into rss, get <link>...</link>, but flexget get "0 bytes in size", and browsers get redirect to the main page(without downloading .torrent file).

So utorrent get another response from the server, and get another redirect, so I`m interesting why.

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reply a replay is what happens in sporting events, and I have no idea of your level of expertise so I try to keep things simple.

The differences are the transport and communication protocols being used

Browsers can handle http:// and https:// protocols and XML data in RSS feeds that conform to the RSS specification. Torrent "RSS" feeds are XML where the data descriptors provide a URI or URL to a location that BitTorrent clients can use to get the necessary files from.

XML is a data descriptor language, not necessarily the data itself. Data can be embedded in XML by using the [CDATA].. [/CDATA] elements. User agents that are XML "consumers" handle the data in the way they have been programmed to do. So if a XML structure that has nothing the user agent can use it will simply do what ever it has be coded to do with that information.

If you try opening a RSS feed from say a Wordpress blog that purely and simply holds the descriptors for the content with a BitTorrent client IT will give a format error because the infprmation in that feed has nothing that the client can use to locate files it can use, while a browser will open the file and show the information help in the XML tree and if there is a XSLT file associated with the XML it will use that to display the feed information as it would do with a HTML document.

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This topic is same as what i want to ask. I see no different between downlonad and open URL in browser. Some time i want to get more info of the torrent i going to download (seeding, size, user comment, ...), i can not do it with RSS feed. There are no option in RSS feed to do that. For example, with this Book RSS in KAT.ph website, there are many info in it

<title>Zathyn Priest 4 Books MM</title>
<description>[b]Zathyn Priest 4 Books MM[/b]</description> <category>Books > Ebooks</category>
<pubDate>Mon, 19 Nov 2012 00:04:37 +0000</pubDate>
<enclosure url="https://torcache.net/torrent/39E636DD9290476A078EF906804B2A4D8453CF72.torrent?title=[kat.ph]zathyn.priest.4.books.mm" length="2780782" type="application/x-bittorrent" />

And this is what RSS feed show


Why utorrent RSS feed only get "title" and "download link"??? I think it is good if user can custom the view base on RSS. No need to get all the tag in RSS XML, just need some important tag like: seeds, size, link. And if can make an advance feature for knowledge user to customzise.

Let make utorrent more powerful.

Thank you,


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