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Massively inconvenient 'download location'/Settings problem


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Since updating, it seems that Utorrent is just flat out ignoring settings. I have caps on my uploads and a download location set, but it isn't doing that.

Why is it that things aren't downloading where I want? More specifically, when starting a torrent it isn't asking me were I'd like to download it to. Additionally, because it's doing this, I'm manually setting a download location after right clicking the torrent but even after doing that, it isn't dowloading EXACTLY where I want it to, it's usually, one folder back.

An example would be my folder 'tv shows' has a folder in it titled 'modern family' (last thing I'm downloading so its the easiest to use) If I set the download location to modern family it will download to 'tv shows'. if download to modern family > season 1, it downlods to just modern family.

It's all just a massive inconvenience, and it's bothering me. Please help me out.

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