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Who know about "GBoxApp" toolbar?


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Hello friend, the great toolbar is "GBoxApp" is now in my computer since many days. I am so gland by use Convert currency easily and quickly in this toolbar. But now I don't know about this final update date. Anyone knows this please replies me here. Thanks.

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Just because you think it works for you doesn't mean it didn't install things behind your back....

Just one of many findings here:

Search.gboxapp.com is often bundled with freeware installation. If you download a free program and install it by quick installation (default), Search.gboxapp.com will be added to your browser, and made your default search provider and homepage. People are often neglectful of such recommended settings during a software installation, that’s probably why all victims are left in a fog about the infection, thinking their computer is hijacked by some severe virus.

In fact, search.gboxapp.com is a very dangerous browser hijacker which can leave a backdoor for other malicious programs and virus to invade your system. GadgetBox in general is a typical malware distributed by the site. Such infection is very dangerous as it can throw your computer into another peril, spreading Trojan to track and collect your online activity, as well as sensitive data stored on your computer. Please keep in mind, search.gboxapp.com is a fake search engine, remove it as soon as possible to avoid further risks.

Enjoy your Junk!~;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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