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I am curious?


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Does ANYBODY EVER look at and click on menu items etc. to see what happens??

Seventy five percent of the questions could be answered simply by yourselves paying some attention to the software you are using!

How to turn off [whatever] is probably one click and two seconds away from YOU without needing somebody to point out the blindingly obvious.

What do you think is going to happen if a torrent shows 0(0) in seeds and 0(0) in peers but other torrents show 43(14589) 6(154) [your numbers may vary]?

It really doesn't take a genius to work out that is NOT going to start downloading AT ALL, EVER!!!!!! and if there is 0(3978) seeds and 0(5) peers you are NEVER, EVER going to get to whatever ratio you are aiming for. Commonsense please, nobody is asking you to pass an exam paper on nuclear physics, it's only a bit of software, using and learning about it is no more difficult than being able to play an MP3 in Winamp or iTunes.

And if your client works perfectly well on one Internet connection but not on another, it is NOTHING wrong with the client! OK!!

Thank You.

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