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Allot maximum speed to low seed count torrents


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Hello everyone

Usually I download multiple torrents at a time. The torrents with very low seed counts generally have lower download speeds and do not use the full bandwidth. When I add other torrents to utorrent that have larger number of seeds, these take over the entire download speed and the speed of the torrents with lower seed counts decreases to zero or 1 - 5 kbps. (My bandwidth is: download speed: 2 mbps, upload speed 0.3 mbps)

I want the lower seed count torrents to download at a speed that they would normally do if no other torrents were added and then allot the rest of the speed to the higher seed count torrents.

I have tried allotting higher bandwidth to low seed count torrents and limiting the download speed of other torrents but nothing seems to work. This way the torrents with low seed count are taking forever to download.

I can't download them one at a time as they do not use the entire bandwidth and hence it will be a wastage of bandwidth and other resources.

Do you have any suggestions?

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