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Issue with Save In form


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I can't describe this problem in short. Let me just tell what i do and what issue i get.

1. I download a torrent with 1(one) file in it. Just bare file, no folders and other files.

2. Open a .torrent file

3. In the Add New Torrent form i should point a place for a file. I prefer to use a root folder of my disk E (E:\).

So there the Save In line is already auto filled-in as i pointed a folder it before.

BUT! It looks like "e:" and once i click OK an error comes up: "Invalid path specified. Please modify and try again."


I have to manually type "e:\" or use "..." button.

And then adding a new torrent uTorrent doesn't save a path. It just shows me "e:" again. More than that, in a drop-down list of a Save In form there are tons of "e:" entries.


It's not THAT uncomfortable but irritates when you download a lot of movies, for example.

Sorry for my english. Tried to describe in the most detailed way.

I use the last Beta build of 3.2.2 (28138).

Thank you.

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