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Encrypting incoming µTorrent traffic


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I notice that many online tutorials on Torrent protocol encryption show that µTorrent has an option to encrypt incoming traffic. I've looked through the prefs, and I've found the "encrypt outgoing traffic" option; however, I can't find the "incoming" option.

How can I encrypt my incoming traffic?

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hello it encrypts the handshake and data stream to those not inside the swarm

it is to get around traffic shaping nothing else like privacy

using dht, pex, and magnets, not trackers helps privacy some

for encryption

goto options, prefs, bittorrent,

--outgoing set to forced

--uncheck allow incoming legacy (legacy were unencryped)

i get much better speeds forcing utp only

under options, prefs, advanced

bt.transp_disposition = 26


for windows version hope works for mac also

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