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utorrent not placing files in correct directory


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uTorrent -> Preferences -> Directories

[X] Put New Downloads in E:\DOWNLOADS\INCOMPLETE\

[ ] Always show dialog on manual add

[X] Move Completed downloads to: E:\DOWNLOADS

[ ] Append torrents label

[ ] Only move from the default download directory


I would expect that downloads will be put in e:\downloads\incompete and when they have finished downloading they would be moved to e:\downloads

However, for some reason the current incomplete downloads are being placed into e:\downloads

Do I have a corrupt configuration? I'm not sure why this is happening...

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After restarting client problem seems to resolved itself. I think there may be a bug involved with changed settings in the web-ui not taking effect. After the changes didn't work I tried changing to another incomplete dir saved, changes back again -> restarted client, that seems to have fixed the problem.

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I have the same problem

μTorrent 3.2.1

Windows XP (SP3)

My settings are:

Put new downloads in:C:\!torrents\DL

Move completed downloads to: C:\!torrents\Done

but most of my torrents (especially if i add them via the remote android app) end up in: C:\!torrents

Even worse, they don't move to C:\!torrents\Done when they finish

Another time (it happened only once), the downloaded item was saved in:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\Downloads


I hope this helps...

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