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Adding torrent through rss feed


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I've set up uTorrent running on whs 2011 and want to add torrents via android phones and tablet. I have setup an RSS feed with filters that are working OK but I'm having trouble adding other torrents from the feed.

I can use the webgui to add torrents but when using the app it only adds a new blank RSS feed rather than adding the torrent. I can add them using the emote web page but most of the time it doesn't,t load and just has the loading circle.

Is it possible to add the torrents through RSS in the app or is there something wrong with my settings/rs feed?


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Thanks for the reply. It is a private tracker, however I have added in the details such as passkey,and cookie details. I only have one rss feed and that works using the local webGUI where I can add the torrents directly and the RSS down loader rules are also working to automatically start certain torrents. It seems odd to me there would be something wrong with the feed if it can be used in other circumstances!

Also, do you have any idea why the remote web page isn't loading on android? As mentioned it just sits at loading most of the time. Some times if i select options they are blank and others it does show my settings but nothing in the main screen. When it did work once or twice it does what I'd like to do in the app.

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