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Low Down, Fast Up


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I've been trying to download a torrent for a few days now., it's ~50GB in size.

I'm constantly uploading at ~1.5MB/s but only downloading at ~25-100kb/s.

I've now uploaded over 55GB and my download is only 36% complete. :(

There are many, many seeds and more than half of my connections are to seeders, yet I still get very low download speeds.

My ports are forwarded and my network is "OK".

What could the issue be?

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Well, I found a way to increase my down speeds.

I simply changed all the files download priority to "low".

Then changed only a few (~10-15) files to "high" priority

Speeds soon sky rocketed to over 2MB/s.

When everything in that batch reached 100% I changed the next 10-15 files in line from "low" to "high" priority.

I did this until all files were complete.

I don't know what the issue was that was slowing my down speeds, but this method sped up my acquisition of these files by days!

Just thought I'd share.

Maybe this method will help others with abnormally slow down speeds as well.

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Please check a setting for me in utorrent>options>preferences>bandwidth.

What are the values for each textbox on this page?

What boxes on this page are selected?

Mine looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/8gPSb.jpg

Here's mine.


I haven't modified anything.

I'm assuming everything was set after I initially ran the uTorrent setup guide.

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