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Error Disk Removed


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So I've got a file downloading to an external hard drive and it seems that whenever my laptop screen gets shut off (display shut off) the torrent gets an error connecting to the external device.

I've gone through all my power options and disabled the ability for the laptop to sleep, hibernate or shut off hard disks while it is plugged in. After doing some research on this issue it seemed that the USB selective suspend setting in the power options was my problem; however this has also been disabled when the power is plugged in. Pretty much everything is disabled with power plugged in except to dim after 15 minutes and turn off display after 45 minutes.

Does anyone know why uTorrent is having trouble with the hard drives disconnecting? Is there another setting that I need to adjust? Thanks for reading.


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Thanks, I have two USB Root Hubs that both had the box unchecked already but my Fresco Logic (USB3) Root Hub was allowed to turn off. I unchecked it and I will see if it causes the issue. The only reason I think it might not work is that I have a drive plugged into my only 3.0 port and this isn't the drive that's giving the disk read error when I resume to desktop (which isn't a log in, just the screen turning back on).

Anyways, I'll let you know in a few hours if this worked. Thanks again.

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