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Sudden download speed drop over past week (BT Infinity)


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Hello, I came here because I have nowhere else to go to find some solutions.

Over the past few weeks my utorrent has had some major issues with download speed. I have used my utorrent preferences for years and never had a problem. I've tried using all the different versions, I normally use 2.1.1 and never have a problem but tried even latest to see if it changed but no luck.

My download speed was normally around 8MB/s. Even on low seeded torrents I would get a connection instantly and start downloading at good speeds. As of now my speeds are around 5kb/s to 50kb/s if I'm lucky. Yet my upload speed has been unchanged.

I am not being capped because when I download at the same time on steam or any other program, jsdownloader ect my speeds are perfectly normal yet the torrents stay the same.

I have nowhere left to turn but to try find some answers here.

So far I've tried about everything. Port forward, router/modem restart, IP reset, diff utorrent client, diff settings, just about everything.

It is really strange how it suddenly became this way randomly. I've waited long enough to see if it will go back to normal and no change.

Can anyone please help? Otherwise torrents are going out the window for me.

Many thanks!

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2.1.1 is not supported on the forums.

BT throttle peer to peer networking, always have done, probably always will do.

Read the usage policy.


That is not entirely true. I have been fine when using BT for months now. Generally encrypting the data fixes any throttling of torrents. Only recently this has happened and so sudden which is why it is strange.

As for 2.1.1, I'm currently using the latests and still no change. It isn't version related.

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