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How to delete only incomplete files (or copy only completed files)


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G'day everyone

I'm currently downloading a number of torrents that are stuck on a certain percentage, and have been for several days (even with overnight sessions). I have no hope to complete those, so I want to clear the torrents from the list and I want to delete all files that didn't download completely. These are music files, so I don't mind if the entire torrent didn't download, but I do mind if a file is incomplete (it is often impossible to detect an incomplete music file outside the torrent client because media players are so forgiving of broken files these days). I'm not going to seed them any further because all of the other downloaders have now reached the same percentage as I have.

I know that uTorrent knows which file is which, because I can double-click any file inside a torrent, and it will open in my media player. So uTorrent does have the ability to select specific files.

What I would like to do is to tell uTorrent to either copy all completed files (selected by me in the list inside uTorrent) to some other location, or to remove the torrent and at the same time also delete incomplete files. The torrents are fairly large and their files are spread over several folders, so finding the completed files and copying them or finding the incomplete files and deleting them manually via Windows Explorer isn't practical.

The simple question is: how can I do that [easily]?


Samuel (leuce)

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Preferences -> General -> When downloading "{} Append .!ut to incomplete files"

Fantastic, thanks. I seem to recall that this was the default setting on my previous torrent client (though I've been using uTorrent for quite a while now). I'm pleasantly surprised that setting that setting now (after the files have been downloaded) still adds that to the files. It totally solves my problem, thanks.

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