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"DHT: Waiting to log in" HELP PLEASE


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I have the same problem. I upgraded 2 days ago. I have not done anything else except click upgrade. Since then unable to download. Says --- DHT: Waiting to log in.

I uninstalled and installed with previous and then refreshed settings - 5-6 times. Even went to the old versions, still nothing.

Worked perfectly before, why would my OS and same settings be an issue. And I am not the only one having this problem.

Help please. Thanks

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Cleobaby: Sorry, am not tech savy but will try:

Client version : What is this

OS : Window XP

Firewall : Using Microsoft provided FOC

Internet Security? : Same

Listen port forwarded : ????

ISP : Starhub, you mean are they blocking it? How would i know

With a Proxy? : ??

With a VPN? : No

Changed anything recently?: Nope

Please help, still lost.

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Client version is the full version of uTorrent you are running. Use Help -> About uTorrent to find out.

Listen port is the port in the uTorrent connection settings, it needs to be forwarded through your router to the IP of the machine uT is running on.

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=4128 run the Glasnost test to see if your ISP is blocking or throttling.

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