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µTorrent Remote notifications


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How uTorrent Remote notifications work on Windows Phone.

When will notifications appear?

Notifications work only for torrents that are added to Favorites.

Notifications work for downloading torrents and will appear when the download is finished.

Note: torrents status check is performed once every half an hour and notifications will be shown if Remote receives a new update.

What notifications do we show?

There are two types of notifications in uTorrent Remote: toast and tile notifications.

Tile notifications are used to show up-to-date status of uTorrent on the application tile on the start screen of your phone. This is used only if the application is pinned to start page and is meant to provide information at a glance. Then it will show the number of finished torrents (think about the count of email messages or sms) and a message.




Toast notifications are messages that show up on the screen for 10 seconds. They are meant to provide time sensitive information. If you tap such notification, uTorrent Remote will be launched. You may dismiss the toast with a flick.



How to enable notifications?

To enable tile notifications for torrent(s), simply add it to Favorites (click on the button with star). When torrent(s) are downloaded you will see notification message on uTorrent Remote tile.

For toast notifications you will need to add torrent(s) to Favorites and then click on the ‘!’ button. Star icon near such torrent(s) will be brighter, which means that toast notifications are enabled. After the torrent(s) are downloaded, you will see toast notification on the main screen.

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