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Disappearing downloads, caused by attempting to update utorrent + fix


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So I now know why at one stage, my torrents disappeared. The only time utorrent ever recognised the torrent was when I tried to add it, no matter which option I picked (load trackers/don't load trackers) the torrent would not appear in the download list.

It caused all NEW torrents to be recognised as #2.

It is caused by attempting to update utorrent, when it is opened automatically when trying to download a torrent. E.g. Say I go to download a file via a magnet link, that opens up utorrent, but there's an update waiting for me. I choose to do the update, and utorrent restarts itself. When it comes back up, there's nothing in the download list, but in a very small way I had already started that particular download, which causes utorrent to spaz out.

The only solution I have found to this, is to open your Roaming > utorrent folders in appdata (assuming you've left it there) and deleting either one of, or both of the resume.dat and resume.dat.old files.

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I have the exact same problems, but deleting both resume files do nothing for me. I ended up having to delete the whole uTorrent folder in /AppData/Roaming, which allowed me to download additional torrents but permanently removed my old ones, stopping me from seeding them.

I backed up the folder in the hopes that the mighty makers of uTorrent may find a fix for this.

On Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit here, with build 3.2.3.

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