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dsldevice.lan and computername.lan listed on peer list


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Hello to all the members of the Community.

This is my first post here. I've been using various versions of uTorrent over the years and consider myself a basic "non-advanced" user. I've been adding torrents from various torrent sites and downloading and seeding files and I've been very happy with that.

However, two days ago the client notified me that the new version 3.2.3 is ready for download and I installed it, as I always do. Today, among the peers in the peer list I noticed two new "addresses": dsldevice.lan and the one with the name of my computer (the name you enter in the Windows dialogue box during installation) in the form of (computername).lan. They randomly appear and disappear under any highlighted torrent. I've never seen this happening before and would be very grateful if somebody would explain:

1. what this is, and

2. is it something that is visible to all the other peers or is it something that is displayed only on my computer.

Thank you all in advance.

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