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Don't want a queue!


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I just re did my computer a cople of weeks ago. I've been using uttorrent but not how I normal using it. I would add 100+ torrents to download and the next day they would be downloaded. The torrents would be added with numbers. Now anything over 10 gets added to a queue.

I don't want any queue. I think i did the right settings but i need you guys to tell me what to do. I did it before not sure how now :(

version 2.0.2 (I know this is old version, but it works well, without all the clutter)

Queueing Preference menu:

Max # of active torrents up or down: 8000

Max # of active downloads: 5000

seeding tasks have high priority : unchecked

limit the upload ratio rate to: unchecked

Bandwidth menu

global max # of connections: 5000

max # of connected peers per torrent: 50000

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50,000 connections PER torrent with 8,000 active jobs?????

But a global maximum of 5,000 connections.

And you don't want a queue??????

What are you running? A four processor quad core Xeon powered dedicated server in a datacentre with gigabit networking?


I don't expect to most of those connections i just want the connection to be available if I need them. I don't usually run more than 200 torrents at a time. its so high to get rid of the queue forever. and it really doesn't matter if i have 500 or 5000

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