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Utorrent crash due to specific torrent.


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I have a torrent that needs to be checked due to a previous crash. uTorrent always crashes when that torrent gets at or near 100% checked. If I pause, stop or delete the torrent then uTorrent will crash and it will still be there when I turn uTorrent back on. If I delete the torrent file or the download file when uTorrent is off then when I turn it back on it says "DHT: Waiting to log in" at the bottom, waits a moment and then crashes.

I am running uTorrent 3.2.3 on Windows 7.

Is there any way that I can remove this one misbehaved torrent without removing the 60 or so other torrents that I have?

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Thank you Ciaobaby, BEncode fixed my issue too.

For newbies:

you’ll need to find and edit your µTorrent’s RESUME.DAT file, which is located in your %appdata%\uTorrent directory.

To find this

click Start > Run (or type Run in windows 8)

enter that line: %appdata%\uTorrent

Press enter.

A folder will open, the resume.dat file is in there. Copy/paste it somewhere safe as a backup. Then take another copy on desktop.

Open BEncode. File->open->resume.dat (the copied one located at desktop)

You will see some entries. Delete the ones causing the problem. File->Save.

Now take your modified resume.dat file from desktop, and move it back in the in your %appdata%\uTorrent directory.

Done! You can now also delete the backup resume.dat .

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