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TV turns off when watching torrents


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My tv turns off only when watching torrents, I have my computer connected through HDMI to my LED TV. I have tried resetting the tv, trying a different plugin, I think I have tried it all.

I have narrowed down the problem but still dont have a fix for it. I will tell you what has developed. I was watching a movie tonight, and it all of sudden did it like 10 times in 15 minutes I was very ticked off as my tv is not a crt where it just turns on in 5 seconds, this takes about 30 seconds to turn off and back on.

I download torrents, mainly movies, and some tv shows, it only seems to turn off when watching downloaded torrents.

So this is what I did, I burned a movie on a disk and watched it on my ps3, to my surprise same problem.

I have come to a conclusion that these movies must be embedded with something to turn my tv off. Could this be? and has anyone ever heard of this?

Let me know your thoughts.

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