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Downloading and a possible solution the "risks"


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This was intended as a additional post to this thread before it was closed.

but now its too risky to use as the music and movies company's

want to destroy downloading all together and take control of p2p sharing

Actually, 'they' don't.

What 'they' are trying to stop is the financial drain that large scale downloading and reproduction of copyright material, that 'they' have paid for. Their mistaken belief is that if 'they' prosecute the 'small people', therefore making them an example of how the law will be used to it's full extent that, will, somehow, make the ones who reproduce and sell the fakes think twice.

However, if 'they' put the resources into finding a way to recoup money from downloading it would be probably be far more than the actually lose. All that would be needed is a small levy per month to ISPs on every Internet connection they have, whether used for download or not. Then that is passed on to the movie, music and software industries in the same way that copyright payments for retail sales are handled now.

People who buy "hard copy" will continue to do so, and people who casually download for themselves have no need to be looking over their shoulder.

It frees up the ISPs from being the "Internet police" and allows the various industries to pursue the REAL criminals who often use money from selling fake goods for funding terrorist organisations, human 'trafficking' (the new slave trade) and other forms of organised crime.

We, being the "casual" downloaders and users of BitTorrent clients (other download protocols exist) should be clamouring for a change such as this, rather than trying to find more inventive ways of hiding ones activities.

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