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Is it possible to add a search function ?


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Hi everybody :)

Is that I'm the only one to read streams line by line, on the interface of uTorrent, a torrent already downloaded for display directory, open the file directly or just see if I have already downloaded this torrent?

What I suggest is to purpose a research fields, always available on the interface to display what is wanted and hiding the rest. Offering choice in the folder or all (torrents running or sources, finished active, inactive)

It's not a good idee ?

Thx ;)

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Options -> show sidebar OR press F7

Thanks, it's wonderfull idee this apps, but very too slow (like a search in folder Download).

And yes, i have installed this apps (uBrowse) but i dont like it (i can't open/run/visualize directly the the result of my search).

My idee is the best ;) A field search in front interface. No aps, directly integrated in the uTorrent. Its not a big deal !

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