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Issue related to huge amount of seeded torrents


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I'm seeding between 10,000 and 15,000 torrents. Over 99% are always idle. Typically 10-20 torrents are active, with just a few seeders and downloaders.

Only a small part of my up- and download bandwidth is used, rarely over 50%.

Sometimes a lot of torrents get stuck in "Tracker Status: updating" for hours or for ever. Too many torrents updating tracker status at the same time, and as a result the active torrents slow down or stops, and new torrents don't start.

The problem is quickly solved if I stop 3/4 of all seeded torrents and keep seeding just a couple of thousand torrents. So the problem is obviously related to the high number of seeded torrents.

Now my question is: which parameters in uTorrent settings should I try to change?

uTorrent 3.23, Win7 X64, 16GB RAM, Intel i7-3770 4 cores CPU, 100/100 Mbit internet

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That depends entirely on your system so you will only find the absolute maximum that your system can handle by empirical means.

You have already found tens of thousands don't work, and for those kind of numbers uTorrent really ISN'T the right tool to be using.

Also, is this:

100/100 Mbit internet

The the datacentre network speed or the external connection

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All of Ciaobaby's replies seem to be incorrect:

It IS possible to seed over 10,000 torrents without problems.

It does NOT entirely depend on my system.

I did NOT find that "tens of thousands don't work".

uTorrent IS the right tool to be using.

The problems are NOT related to my internet connection/speed.

I have searched for more information and done some testing.

The most important parameter is net.max_halfopen in Options/Preferences/Advanced.

Increasing the default value from 100 to 200 and 400 resulted in bigger problems.

Lowering the value to 90, and later to 80, seems to have solved the problem, at least so far. No problem any longer with too many torrents trying to update tracker status at the same time.

But I'm still waiting to see what happens if one of the trackers goes down temporarily and all torrents try to update again and again.

As result of the decreased number of net.max_halfopen connections, it takes longer time for all the torrents to go from "Queued Seed" to "Seeding" when I start uTorrent. But I can live with that.

Another thing: It looks like unchecking the "Automatic Port Mapping (recommended)" option (and of course manually opening the uTorrent port number in router settings) has a positive effect:

When too many torrents try to update tracker status at the same time (and as a result the active torrents, if any, slow down or stops), even surfing the net works in slow motion. But unchecking "Automatic Port Mapping" solves that problem immediately, and checking it again results in immediate "slow motion surfing".

Any insights are welcome.

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