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Torrents downloaded to a mapped network drive not completing correctly


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Windows 7 x86

uTorrent 3.3 build 28910

Download a torrent and set the download location to a mapped network drive.

The torrent appears to download completely, it reaches 100% and the amount downloaded matches the torrent size + wasted.

Resulting file (if it is video for example) doesn't play correctly as it seems to be incomplete.

Force re-check shows that some of the torrent is incomplete (a random amount up to about a third needs to be re-downloaded).

When you restart the torrent it will again appear to be complete (amount downloaded minus wasted now goes above the torrent size by how much you need to redownload), but when you force re-check again after completion it will not be complete (some more will be downloaded, but not all of it).

Problem doesn't occur when saving to a local drive. I'm not sure exactly what uTorrent version this problem started with, but it's relatively recent. If I was going to guess I would say it's something to do with the new disk I/O system.

edit: disabling caching of disk writes does not fix the problem

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