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Utorrent freature like profiles?


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Someone know if is posible use profile for a tracker, i say, i use more than one tracker and the minimum ratio and time for seed is not the same, so i want something to do that, make te limits for any torrent, i separeted torrent in labels one for each tracker and i downloaded in downloader rss, i put automatic label for i know which tracker is, so i have as put the ratio and speed limit automatic when the downloader rss star to download??

sorry for my poor english.

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Right click on the label in the sidebar -> select Properties from the context menu -> Override the defaults on the Advanced tab.

Hey in advanced tab i have only options to seeds in web and execute program, in geral tab i have a options to limits, but this options don't applicable atomatic when rss downloads start a new download.

I sory if a misunderstood.

uTorrent Upload speed limit not working

I didn't see anyone post the solution that worked for me, so I thought this might help someone else;



3-Check - Apply rate limit to uTP connections

Limits work fine here a just want a freature to applicable atomatic limits when rss downloader strat a new torrent, manual limits works fine here! I sory if a misunderstood.

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