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Multiple label filters - "and" logic


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I have more torrents in utorrent now than ever before, so to keep them organized I am making good use of labels to categorize each torrent into several logical categories.

I was pleased to quickly learn that you can select multiple categories at once -- then just as quickly disappointed to see that it does something I would have very little use for when that is done, and doesn't do what I hoped it would.

Since labels are filtered views, I think it makes sense that selecting a label always has the effect of filtering the current view -- in other words, all labels selected must match (AND logic) for torrents to be displayed. A concatenated listing of torrents which have either label (OR logic) -- which is the behavior I am witnessing -- has no value to me. A filtered view requiring multiple matching labels of supreme use though! That way you can match with any combination of logic the very specific subcategories desired and/or where multiple divergent categories overlap.


Say you've labeled your public domain and open source books you downloaded according to Author and according to all the various subjects each book covers, and according to overarching genre, illustrated/non-illustrated, fiction/non-fiction etc.

Select Non-Fiction and Time travel and you might find that book you forgot what it's called that you downloaded about relativity or quantum physics.

Or, say you downloaded books, audio recordings, and videos, and there are genres or subjects you used that apply to all three types of media. You also labeled your torrents according to media type. Now you can pull up Romantic books, romantic videos, or romantic audio (or romantic audio books or romantic audio music {none of that sheet music right now please}).

I checked the help and did a search without finding anything to indicate this useful feature exists...

If it already exists please point me to it. :)

If not please know it would be VERY nice....



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Good news!

From the change log, looks like it's not currently in the 3.3 beta (it mentions that preference page removed). That pref page is not in the current stable. I actually can't use beta or alpha versions as they're blocked from some trackers I use, which only allow stable versions.

I'm very please and look forward to it, though :)



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