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Remote torrent downloader for Opera (WebUi) [request]


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Hi guys!

Im searching for a remote downloader for a browser that works with webui (using the standard right now).

When clicking a magnet/torrent link on torrent pages like (The Pirate Bay, Isohunt etc.) I want the torrent to show up in a open dialogue (like the one that starts with uTorrent, where you get a overview of the torrent and can choose wich files you want to download), and start download through Webui.

I would prefer this to work in Opera browser, but its not a must.

Ive read through Overview of everything WebUI-related but couldnt find anything.


I've tried uTorrent extention for Opera


and Google Chrome


I havent found these functions implemented in the plug-ins listed abov, If it is please let me know!

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