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ver 3.3 Stable. Destination name change problem,


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Changing the destination name causes a "Files missing from job" error when client is restarted

This is due to the download location sub-directory being renamed to the destination name, but the path entry in resume.dat is NOT being updated.

Changing the caption in the joblist to match the subdirectory and running a force recheck fixes the problem AND [obviously] the path in resume.dat

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Quite new to this... I have a older version than mentioned above ( 3.2.3 build 28705 [32-bit] ).

I "downloaded" a lot of different series without changing the destination folder. (silly me) :rolleyes:

And then I did a spring clean up in my directory and moved the different series in to different folders. (windows 7 64-bit) I noticed that I got "file missing...". If I moved the files back, problem solved.

I tryed the other way. Right click on the utorrent and Advanced/choose download destination (translation from swedish version of utorrent) :D Now the "Save as" in the info tab looks correct and the "file" is in the right folder in my directory.

But as you stated above, when I have restarted the utorrent client the "file missing, please check..."-message is back!

What is the solution? Is there a solution? (I do not understand your solution above, how to change the resume.dat file by changing the caption.... It's like greek to me... sorry) One of the problems is that I have a swedish version of the utorrent and when I google translated your "changing the caption" it became "change the picture text" (what picture?!) :P

Here is a screen shot (if I succed in posting it) of my utorrent joblist right now and you can se that in the info tab the "save as" is changed to where I want to have the file. (It was downloaded to C:\Users\MissJoLi\Downloads\ and then I created the folder Greys Anatomy and redirected the job there). What should I do now to correct the error message "file missing..." without moving the files back to where I originaly downloaded them? Thanks in advance! :)


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Force a recheck in the parent directory of current file location.

If you have opened the video files in a player that automatically retags, such as iTunes or Windows media player, the files will have been altered and therefore are corrupt and unrecoverable using the original metadata.

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