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re-check of existing torrents stuck on vs 3.3


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Is that supposed to be constructive help?

I've never had a problem before. Always worked fine. Even when I try rechecking one at a time this happens. You want me to remove all my torrents and replicate the problem with just one to prove it?

Help, anyone?

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Not as such, but as a 'light-weight', small footprint BitTorrent client there are commonsense limits to be considered. Empirically over many uTorrent versions and Windows versions (excluding Vista of course) I've found that overall performance degrades noticably once the loaded jobs goes over the 100-120 point, this being on a machine that is in use for other applications including Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware, email clients etc.etc. rather than a dedicated box with only the bare necessities installed. Ver 2 clients perform very well on a low spec Win2k machine running a few hundred jobs. But throw any other apps and services in there that are competing for resources and everything drops to a crawl.

I've not done any trials of ver3 on a 'bare bones' as yet, but someday I will.

If you really must run uTorrent as a workhorse then close EVERYTHING else, Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Anti-spyware, Adobe Updater, Java updater, Google updater, all those 'useful' programs, MS live, printer monitor, scanner monitor, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, iTunes, Windows updates, MS office 'Quickstart", Open Office quickstart, Skype, Yahoo messenger, Google talk, Adobe Acrobat launcher and the myriad of other things that are just hanging about in memory just in case you need to use one of them at some point in the future.

If your machine is also a general purpose computer, 40-50 loaded jobs is a reasonable target that doesn't interfere with your normal work on the machine and lets uTorrent run smoothly all day long. But if you want a BitTorrent 'Enterprise' solution, uTorrent is not the one you should use. It is a very good client for what it does and what it is meant as, and that is a simple to use, reduced "features" Bittorrent client for the average "person in the street" to use.

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