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Permission issue with hardlinks


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I've got a script that runs after a torrent completes wich hardlinks media files (searches and links .mkv/.avi etc)

Im using this;

fsutil hardlink create <destination filename> <source filename>

But on some random(?) occations uTorrent denies access to files, not everytime, just random. And no, the files that uTorrent denies access to isnt getting seeded at the time


source > C:/Downloaded/complete/some.movie.file.mkv

destination > C:/Downloaded/process/some.movie.file.mkv

Its the destination file im trying to "change/move/process". I've checked with ProcessExplorer and it only lists the source file as "active" within uTorrent

Anyone with any tips?

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When an application locks a file, it can be locked against other read-access, other write-access, both, or none. To completely access files in a way that will never hamper other applications access is possible in a special read-only modem called backup access, but that requires elevated privileges, and as I recall creates a shadow copy of the file if needed, and is rare to use. But basically FILE SHARING is an operating system function too, just like file locking. uTorrent can set the locking option however it desires.

Hard links are multiple directory entries for the same physical file on disk, and locks on any directory entry effect all of them.

Perhaps all you need to do is set the download location in uTorrent to the location where you want to use the files, eliminating the need for a hard link.

This won't resolve file access issues, but to be honest I don't experience file access issues with completed/seeding torrents, so I'm not sure uTorrent is locking those files?

In fact, even incomplete files can be opened by at least some other applications without interference... I watch incomplete downloading videos all the time in MPC-HC or VLC, for example. The torrents continue downloading without pause.

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