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Speed Problem..."investigation"


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Well... another speed problem thread, i put "investigation" on the name since i dont belive is a problem from utorrent and there are things involved with my ISP and im trying to find (investigating) what is the problem. Its very long but i think i should tell all the story, hope you can help me here. If you dont want to read all of this, you can jump to PROBLEM

The problem started on november i think. So far i had been using torrents in private/semiprivate/public trackers, for at least 6 years and never had a similar problem for so long and all those years with the same ISP. Just saying this for background...i mean i may not understand at 100% what each of the options in the configuration of utorrent does but i think i understand what can cause problems with speed, or why im downloading/uploading at fast or low speed. Also before the problem, maybe 6 months to 1 year, i was using the same modem/configuration/pc/internet speed/trackers getting max speeds always and i still have everything the same after months of the problems... only changed configuration on utorrent to test if it was something there but no luck.

Im very sure that it can be my ISP, but im having no luck there either.

Things went like this.

As far as i remember on november i had an IP starting in the range of 10. and when some page, like speedtest, looked at my location it showed the right city and the speed was accurate.

When my problem started i thought that there was some problem with my ISP, and after 1 or 2 weeks of the same thing i asked somebody that i know and works there, and he told me that indeed there was a problem in th ISP and they were changing modems to some users (we have 2 services here, for home users and other for companies, im using the one for companies and the problem i guess only affected home users )

I confirmed this with technicians that came to make tests (like 4 already)... they mentioned something about an, UBR? i dont remember the name of that hardware but lets call it server hehe. It seemed like it wasn't giving all the speed to the users because the demand was very high and it was giving problems to users with 10mbps or more conections. But it was fixed, supposedly.

At this moment i noticed that my IP was changed to the range of 189. and my location was not accurate neither my speed in the web, speedtest since then can locate me in 3 different cities, depending on how i connect my pc to the modem (ethernet, wifi/router, usb) and speeds its very high. I have 15MB connection, and is showing me 30-50mbs results.

So i contacted another guy on support, i think is a high range employee there, and he tells me another story, something about other cities taking or sending more packages to my city, so my city was saturated and that affected my speed, this cities had nothing to be with the ones where my IP gets located. Asked me to make some tracert/ping/nslookup test but everything showed up fine.

So now they are just going to say that is the application (utorrent) or my pc and things like that.

AFAIK im not the only one with this problem here on my city, but i have not confirmed this, 1-3 persons told me they have similar problems with utorrent or torrents but they dont use torrents a lot so their problem could be something else, like no seeders. A technician told me he had a similar report from another client also using utorrent, but neither i have any information from that client to check similarities.

Downloads from web browsers get me full speed, sometimes gets me 3mbs stable, when it should be 1.5 as i have a 15mbps conection.

Right now downloads on utorrent range from 10kbs-40kbps average to 300kbps in strange cases, and its the same thing with other torrent clients. The torrents tried where from different trackers, with webseeders or good amount of seeders to at least be more than 40kbps.. funny thing, when one of those technicians came, we tested utorrent and i got maxspeed, it was a torrent with 1500 seeders and 4 leechers including me.

So im very sure it is my ISP, i have checked with Glasnost but results says that conection is very noisy to determine if my ISP is limiting traffic. And i doubt its limiting since i wouldn't get "fast" speeds sometimes, 300 seems its my max right now but its very strange to get that speed.

On the upload side, i get max speed most frequently when somebody leeches from me, but most of the time im not uploading, like if nobody was conecting to me, also strange because there are enough leechers that i can seed.

So now im wondering if you guys could help me to verify that is not utorrent, have read that some users are experimenting similar problems but no solution was given to them, most or all of them didn't give all the information.


Conection 15mbps cable , suddenly getting very slow speed on utorrent (and any other client), like 40kbps average in any tracker, private or public with any amount of seeders/leechers. this has been since november. Some stange times i do get more speed, but still low for what i was getting before.

Some users had opened threads that look similar but they didn't give information so there was no solution or following to the problem.

Modem used CISCO DPQ3212, direct conected

Windows 7 64bit, i7, 16 RAM,

Problem started on november

Speedtest and other sites gives me 30mbps conection but this is not accurate.

uTorrent is configured with the preset of the wizard, 1.5Mbit upload, before writing this the test on speed failded, on port it passed, the icon on the right corner is always green, looked at recomendations here http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992 and changed everything on the post #2 list, the speed tests now pass but speed is not accurate, and neither solved my speed problem

Firewall is disabled, anyways the exception for utorrent was made, and remade.

Tried with kaspersky disabled and also with exception, speed remains the same.

firewall or kaspersky never gave me problems for utorrent , i discard they are giving me one now as they had not been changed before the problem started

uTorrent has been uninstalled and reinstalled, version 3.2.3, also tried other builds, same thing, also other clients, same thing.

I remember using some software to scan the pc, maybe malwarebytes, and that software had a function to optimize network conections like TCP/UDP etc, it may had changed something but i doubt its the problem also, since i have tried with 3 different PC's where i didn't use that software, and same problem with the speed.

Hope im not missing something.


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