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"Disk overloaded 100%" freezing utorrent


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Sorry for my english.

uTorrent version: 3.3 build 29111

OS: Windows XP x86 SP3

Antivirus: Avira free edition.

HDD: 500 GB 7200 rpm Western Digital SATA.

RAM: 4 GB.

I don't use a modem or a router. The internet cable comes directly into the network card and I connect using a "broadband connection that requires a user name and password".

In the last few days I have a problem:

From time to time, uTorrent stops from the current operation and displays the message "Disk overloaded 100%" in statusbar. But the strange thing is that the HDD Led is barely blinking. The "current operation" is: downloading, uploading, checking, flushing to disk and so on... And all the torrents are stopped, not just the current one.

I use uTorrent for years and I had seen the "Disk overloaded 100%" message many times but only for a short time (sec, dozens of sec). That's because I have a fast internet connection (I download even with 8 MB/s).

But this time it's not "coming back"...

Windows and the other programs have no problems during this.

If I delete data from torrents, some of it is still locked and I can't delete or move the files.

I close uTorrent, I still see it in Task manager: CPU 0%, mem size doesn't change in time (like it's frozen).

I kill the process and restart it. It recheckes the torrents and it starts downloading. Some time later, it does this problem again.

I checked the HDD (all partitions) with "chkdsk drive: /x /f". So far no errors. I haven't checked yet with "/R" (for bad sectors) because it takes a very long time to process and I had no problems with other programs.

I don't think the problem is with uTorrent settings because I use the same configuration for years without problems. Wait, it's not exactly the same configuration but I don't think this is the cause: in the last few weeks I activated "Randomize port each start" and "Protocol encryption >> Outgoing: enabled". But I don't think it's got something to do with "Disk overloaded 100%"...

What can I do...?

Thank you for any help.

Regards, Cosmin

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Thank you.

I read that topic before writing my topic but I'm not sure that is 100% the same problem + I'm not sure that the solution is to change those utorrent settings (I said why in my post).

Because I don't understand WHY it worked fine until now with the current settings...

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A curious problem:

In Preferences I always check "Append .!ut to incomplete files".

After killing uTorrent process and starting it again it sometimes fails to recheck one or more torrents. The reason is that these torrents have doubled files: file.ext and file.ext.!ut. I erase file.ext.!ut and the checking is finalized.

Same thing happens when it says "Flushing to disk (nr)". It never finishes. Same solution...

It seems that those *.!ut files at some point are locked and they cannot be automatically renamed in file.ext.

I'm using uTorrent 3.2 build 27886 now. So far no problems...

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