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Seeding files after changing folder location and name


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I've been looking around trying to find out how to do this, but nothing has worked so far. Most things I've seen are how to fix this problem if the file names are changed, but I've changed the folder name.

This is mostly just to keep my what.cd ratio up and still maintain and very organized music library. Once I download something, I go and change the folder name to my preferred 'artist - album' name format and move it to a folder within my library. How do I change the location of where utorrent is trying to seed it from? All of the song files themselves are as they were, I don't change the names of those (however, I do change their id3 tags through the music player I use).

I've tried the advanced>set download destination thing and tried 'force re-check' but all that does is change the red 'error:invalid download state, try resuming' bar to the grey 'stopped 0.0%'. If I click start on these, it just begins downloading the whole folder again even though I already have all of the files.

So, what do I do? Can this be fixed or do I have to redownload all of the torrents I wish to seed?

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