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Windows 8 + uTorrent 3.3 + Network Share not working together


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My uTorrent is now 3.3.0 build 29126.

They are not working togheter and I cannot figure why and now I have 2300 torrents in stopped status.

uTorrent just say: "Error opening X:\Torrents\MovieFileName.mp4".

I just installed Windows 8 on an empty SSD drive, it was not an upgrade.

uTorrent can open and seed files from C:\ (SSD), but can't using drive X: (NAS).

Windows gives me no errors, I already checked Event Log and I don't know where else to check for more errors.

Samba log (my file server) shows no errors.

My network share (NAS) is writable, I edited files on it and copied files to it. As an example, XBMC can play all my video files from it flawlessly.

Rechecking torrents doesn't work too.

Windows firewall is disabled.

Windows defender is off.

It was running smoothly on Windows 7.

Here is what I get when I try to force recheck: http://puu.sh/2fI7s.

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It was not an uTorrent thing.

It was a UAC thing. When you open some programs that right away tries to alter the files in the system, Windows asks you if you want to let it do that and when you say yes it runs that application under a new token wich might not have your mapped drives.

Oh, wait, but just uTorrent tries to write something as soon as it is opened, so it was an uTorrent thing! :lol:

To solve:

Open regedit

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System

Create DWORD "EnableLinkedConnections" and set it to 1

Reboot (was really necessary)



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