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Wierd peers problem since updated to V3


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Thank you guys fo rthe wonderfull torrent propgram.

My problem started when I upgraded to V3. I notice that the program only allows one peer to connect to me when I'm seeding a file and it keeps it that way until this person has finished or he disconnected from me then it will connect to another peer and I think this beats the purpose of utorrent. Also, when I go back to V2.2 everything goes back to normal and many peers can connect to me. So it is not a problem of the port since I'm using the same port in both version.

This is annoying especially if I want to seed anything I have to wait for the first guy to finish download from me then someone else can take that connection and then so on so forth.

I'm not sure if it is something in the settings that I have to do or it is a bug in the new version

Please advise

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