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The only "peer" is myself?


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Status keeps coming up as "connecting to peers". As I watch the "peers" window, uTorrent appears to be seeing me as the only peer, so it immediately disconnects again. This happened very suddenly, and its happening with both old and new downloads. Did I somehow change a setting? Why is it not seeing any other peers to download from?

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Well, I know I had other peers before, as some of my files were partially downloaded before this started happening. Most of the files were relatively new with many peers when added... unless I'm misunderstanding. I believe a peer and seeder is basically the same thing. Although I don't understand how this really works, I've been downloading with torrents for several years with no problem.

I looked up UTP in the help menu, and this is beyond my understanding. I know I've never messed with those features. Wondering if this is just one of those odd software glitches that can occur? Perhaps my best bet is to uninstall uTorrent, delete those files, and start anew?

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I believe a peer and seeder is basically the same thing
Nope, a seed IS always a peer, but a peer is not always a seed.

What are the swarm counts on the problem jobs?

Client version and build?


Screen shots of Preferences -> Bandwidth & Preferences -> Queuing

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There are no "problem" jobs... none of them are working.

It sometimes tells me its downloading, sometimes connecting to peers.

Using uTorrent 3.3 (build 29126) 32 bit

Health/Down Speed/Up Speed etc are all blank, except for a second or two every once in a while, at which points it shows my computer under peers.

Tried Torch to get torrents downloaded, and I'm getting the same response... nothing.

Checked my firewall, and uTorrent and Torch are both allowed.

Can't figure out how to add images to forum, so here it is:


Max upload rate 0

Max download rate 0

apply rate limit to transport overhead checked

apply rate limit to utp connections checked

global number of connections 200

max number of connected peers per torrent 50

number of upload slots per torrent 4

Use additional upload slots.... checked


Max number of active torrents 8

Max number of active downloads 5

Seeding goal-- minimum ratio 150

Min seeding time 0

Min number of available seeds 0

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