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"Set Destination Name"


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Dear [deity] I can't believe that this has to be explained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download location is the location it will be stored in WHILE the process of download is ongoing.

Set destination name, Sets the file name or the folder/directory name of the COMPLETED JOB.

If you drive, catch a bus, a train or an plane (the big metal bird not the tree or the woodworking device) where you end up is a DESTINATION

SO when you move or copy a file in ANY operating system, the start point is called the source and the end point is called the DESTINATION.

Now! Is that, now clear enough for you??????

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Dear Boo Boo, had you explained it that way the first time, we wouldn't be having this condescending conversation, would we??

Have a great day.

Apologies, dear boy/girl I assumed [incorrectly it seems] that you were over the age of eight.

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