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uTorrent 3.3 closing without error


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I have had the same issue with uTorrent silently closing since about 3.2. This issue is continuing with the most recent build and 3.3. Normally, this will happen as soon as uTorrent hits 1.8GB of memory usage, however I have seen instances where this happens at much lower usage as well.

Each time it crashes, it must recheck currently downloading files, which takes a long time.

I have seen similar issues with the newest Vuze version, however I have been unable to find a cause for those crashes.

I have the following settings enabled/disabled.

pre-allocate files = OFF

Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually = ON; set to 1800MB (cannot raise any higher)

***I should note the crashes happen if I set the cache size to automatic as well.

reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed = OFF

enable caching of disk writes = ON with both write out untouched blocks and write out finished immediately also ON

enable caching of disk reads = ON with both turn off read caching is upload speed slow and remove old blocks from cache = ON

Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing = OFF; I assume this would be useless since I am using a manual cache size.

This is happening with 170 files downloading (only 10-15 are actually downloading, the others are waiting for seeds/peers) and 265 files seeding (again, only a small amount are actually seeding as there are no leeches).

It would be nice to have these crashes fixed, does anyone have any ideas on how to stop uTorrent from crashing?

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