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"parameter not correct"


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I'm getting the above error all the sudden after adding some drives to mountpoints, i've never seen it before on any normal drive, but I don't have the option to add external volumes as letters. Happens on all 3 drives I added to experiment with/NOTHING can finish all the sudden.

I've searched the boards for every other instance of the above error message and not one of them seems to fit my situation, plus nearly all are quite old like 2005-2008 with 1.8 or less versions.

My version is utorrent 3.0, core 2 duo, 2gig, windows 7 32bit, the drives are 3TB Seagate external usb drives mounted to like c:\mount_drive1 and so forth. I would rather not "upgrade" to a higher version if possible, because it is not supported on all trackers (and the reason I was told this was that certain higher ones had errors that 3.0 didn't) so if I upgrade it means some of what i'm doing will stop working. :-/ Since this error doesn't seem to be common (only being for mountpoint drives) and completely unreported by other users i'm hoping there may be other ways to figure out what is occurring.

The drives are fully accessible to normal windows and show no problem reading, writing, or streaming data.

The error seems to be about in the same place each time - deleting all data and restarting the torrent doesn't help, it still craps out. Happens whether it's a single file or a directory of files. Some torrents die the moment I start them with this error, other torrents go for awhile getting 1/3 or 1/2 done. Resuming them might get more data or might not, some can inchworm up to 99% complete but never finish, others refuse to go further. An attempt to move the files from within utorrent shows the same error. (I can move the files in windows fine, trying to move them in utorrent indicates that it is only utorrent that is having any problem whatsoever with accessing these files)

Any suggestions how to narrow down more what is happening?


EDIT: As a specific and unusual oddity, it seems to CREATE the problem somehow. For instance I have file1 file2 file3 file4. It craps out at 99%, showing file1 100% complete, file 2 half complete, file 3 and 4 uncreated. (tiny files) As a test I renamed file 2/3/4 in place (so if it was sitting on a bad sector it would stay parked), did a force recheck, but this time it claimed file1 was 99.8% complete and gave the same error/not allowing it to resume. So I erased the new files, renamed the original ones, and then it claimed file1 was 100% complete again - I don't know what it's doing, but it's alternately claiming the same unchanged file is 100% then 99.8% then 100%.

EDIT2: Experiment 2, erase ALL the files in the directory, and do a force re-check. It delivers the same "the parameter is incorrect" for files that DONT EVEN EXIST on the drive, simply created by force recheck or whatever, when it reaches the same point in the process.

Experiment 3: erase the torrent and all files, start the torrent anew, mark the first file do not download (the one that completes to 100% without problem) to make it get just the little files. The little files start to DL and then crap out in the same exact way - file2 at 66.1% and file 3 at 0.1%, and gives the error of The Parameter Is Incorrect.

EDIT3: Experiment 4, copied over known good files to one of the new mountpoint drives (a 4th one actually just to see if all 3 of the previous were somehow bad or something), files wrote to the drive just fine under windows. Loaded a known torrent into utorrent, pointed there to share the files to do a force recheck- it crashes at 0.00% with the same error "the parameter is incorrect", but this time the log shows something else at least "IO Error:87 line:332 align: -99 pos: -99 count: 3443 actual 0". Tried a 2nd torrent, same exact error at 0.00% except it says "count 1125632", tried a 3rd torrent to share, same error at 0.00% except count says "5720". The files still copy off and load up fine off the mountpoint drive I copied them too.

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I'm not sure what i'm supposed to see there, it's not any different than earlier when I google searched "the parameter is incorrect" and checked every listing on the internet and none of them apply, this is utorrent specific. I dont have a problem needing to recover data, the data is fully accessible by every other application so far, just not to utorrent. That thread says nothing about utorrent. :( My drive is also doing absolutely nothing that the user in that thread is complaining about - when connected it auto opens fine, there's no lag, My Computer sees it fine, so does every other program ie VLC viewing a video off there. There's no drive damage, no file corruption, CRC32'ed files copied over check out 100% with no lag reading indicating it's moving sectors. I move files on and off endlessly without the slightest hiccup. But utorrent cannot see it, only utorrent.

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