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Utorrent very slow


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Hi All,

I am facing an issue with Utorrent and am sure you guys here are the right people to help, so here it is:

- I have a 20MB fiber optics connection

- I usually download around 2.3MB per sec on Utorrent

- Since yesterday my Utorrent is downloading most files at around 30kb per second (If not 3-4 KB per sec), and very little files at 300kb per sec

- I have uninstalled Utorrent, and installed the 3.4 version (all my files on Utorrent came back, which means it didn't uninstall properly? )

- I live in a country that don't restrict this type of software or download.

Tried to give as much information as possible :)

Thanks for the help in advance


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I really need your help, I can't even find the Utorrent on my cpu, after deleting the file, utorrent is still working but no .exe file of appdata, and it is still very very slow....

I really need your help !!!!

thanks guys

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Ok, here is the update, I have completely deleted Utorrent, and reinstalled, and I am still facing the speed issue....

Scottboy, I have tried your link, It is very different from the test I ran on speedtest (19MB). Even if we take the TOT result (4MB), i still should be way better than the 5kb i am getting on Utorrent.

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