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Help Needed Badly


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Good Day To All,

I am working over sea's and we stay at work so everything we have is at work, We have a server at work that everyone is connected to to communicate with family and everyone back at home.

So yesterday I bought the Utorrent plus. Because its got better security. I used Utorrent maybe about 4 years ago and Utorrent used to work back then, it was the free version of Utorrent. I wanted to start downloading movies and music and so on. But I think that the work got about more stricter on downloading, because the it infects the internet connection speed. So I think they have blocked us from Utorrent but I am not sure.

I do not know how to use Utorrent as I have not used it. All I remember back in the days when I used to use Utorrent, I downloaded the torrent and then put it in Utorrent and then it downloaded the files. I do not know all the settings and everything. So I am wondering if someone can please help me to get Utorrent to work. I can't download a think from Utorrent I have tired different torrent sites and no matter how many Seeds and Leechers there are I still can't download from Utorrent. Can someone please help me to get it working. I do not know anything about these programs:(.



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