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Speed 0.1 KB/s mac LION


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HI. Sorry for my bad English...

I'm using MAC os Lion, USB Modem (Internet Connection) and "uTorrent" and "Media Get".

Couple weeks ago i didn't have same problem, but (i guess) after update "MAC SECURITY 2013 blah blah blah" my torrent speed down to 0.1 kb/s on 2 of my soft... BUT! when i use the same usb modem on my PC Notebook (Windows 7) it's all OK... Torrent speed is normal...

I reinstalled all my soft (utorrent, mediaget, modem)... in my firewall i on my incoming connection...

Please, help... What's happened, i don't even know...


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Security update may have changed your Firewall settings to default values.

Look at your System Preferences >> Security Privacy >> Firewall. If your firewall is "on", you can add uTorrent as an item to allow income connections.

i've did it, uTorrent income connection is already allowed... but it still 0.1 kb/s

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