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[NEW] Color format


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I was reading in one of these forums that the latest version of uTorrent (Stable, Beta, Alpha) doesn't support the old skin method. Can anyone enlighten us on the new format? I, personally like the way they use to be able to "customize" utorrent. I would appreciate any and all comments concerning this matter.

Thank You.

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This forum and the bittorrent forum does have a search feature!


Yes, I am aware of that. What I meant was that the btskin file in the current.btskin file is not adhered to with the latest beta version. I use the same current.btskin with all the beta updates, and this latest one, all my colors were changed, but not the other files (main.ico, maindoc.ico. etc.). It took me some time to get my colors, in the btskin file, the way I want them. Maybe the developers might come out with a visual display of the colors, in the Preferences. It would save me, and possibly others, allot of time looking up the codes to put in the btskin file, which is in the current.btskin file, in the %AppData%/uTorrent/ directory.

Thanks. :|

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