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WebUI - "invalid request" from other computers across LAN


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So I've had the whole thing setup and working for a year now. For some reason that I can't figure out, about a week ago, I started getting "invalid request" on any other computer in my LAN except the local one.

uTorrent version: 3.3

webui.zip version: 0.387

My WebUI settings:

Enabled (of course)

I have a username and password set up that works on the local pc.

Alternative listening port: 8080

Allowed IPs:

My local IP is

If I visit:

from the same computer, I get promoted for un/pw and login successfully.

When I visit through any of my other 3 computers, i get "invalid request".

If I visit the webui via the utorrent port, I get the same results.

I wanted to ask here before I start downgrading to previous uTorrent versions.

Any suggestions?

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