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Moving .torrents/content to new computer - "BENCODE" Question


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With regards to the instructions at this link below:


and here as well (same topic)


My only question that I have with regards to these instructions is the part where you are "replacing all"

for the "Path" in BENCode.

I have moved my "content" folders to the new computer (which is drive C:)

Is the "Path" displayed in BENCODE (which we are required to change to the new path) defined as the "Path" for the ".torrent" files or the actual "Content"???

I have the "actual content" in N:\ currently on the old computer, and the .torrent hash files under "N:\torrents" on the old computer.

When I make the changes to "resume.dat" for the path for the new computer (by moving the "resume.dat" to the new correct directory on the new computer), can the directory for the .torrent files be in a different directory than the actual "content/files"???

Please help!!!!!

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