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Weird uTorrent Incident


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Hi people,

Something weird happened to my uTorrent ... all of sudden last couple of days I was getting 1-5kB/s Download Speeds when I used to get 400-575kB/s downloads with well-seeded Torrent.

I noticed couple of ODD stuff about uTorrent

1) I accidentally happen to find out that my Upload and Download Settings were Changed ... I know that I damn well had NOT changed them.

Q1: How is this possible?

2) When I did Network Check Thingy the Screen that tells me my Download and Upload ... it looked DIFFERENT than before ...

Q2: How is this possible, if I have NOT updated my Version?

Q3: Does uTorrent Silently Pushes Down Stuff without Owner/User's knowledge?

If anyone can shed any light on my Issues I would appreciate it!

G! :)

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