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Problems using network drive

Lord KiRon

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Here is my situation.

I have Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and uTorrent was downloading torrents to my NAS (Synology DS413j) , to drive I:

This all worked fine until I upgraded to 29626.

After that I started to get (after some time) errors that "file not found" in progress line.

Also I no longer able to open I:\ drive it's unaccesible.

Closing uTorrent does not help - process never exit, I can't kill it from task manager and even shutdown does not work - the computer stays with "Loggin off" message for hours.

The strange part that while my I: drive is set as \\DISKSTATION\Incoming I still can access that folder over it's IP , by \\\Incoming.

I started to suspect that this is problem with DNS and disconnected I: drive and connected it as \\\Incoming but then problem still happens the I: become inaccesable, while I can access it other way around by \\DISKSTATION\Incoming.

So that's not it.

After that I configured it to DL to local SSD drive and copy the file to I:\ after finished, but then I got almost the same problem after torrent finished during copy - it just stay with "moving" text forever on big files.

Tryed simple copy of small and huge files to/fro NAS without uTorrent - no problem there.

So it looks like something changed in a way uTorrent access disks in last builds and this "something" creates a lot of troubles with my NAS.

Hope you will be able to resolve this issue.

Btw: uTorrent disk cacke settings:

All checked besides "Override cache size" and last one "Increase automatic cache size".

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Windows will disconnect mapped drives that are idle, every 15 minutes is the default, while access via a URN (//NETBIOS_NAME/resource) is maintained.

Open a command prompt and type in;

net config server /autodisconnect:-1

That will stop Windows disconnecting mapped drives that "idle"

You can also add the line to a batch command script that runs at user login.

Computer Management -> Local User and Groups -> Users -> [user name] -> Properties -> Profile -> logon script.

Put the path to the .cmd/.bat file in there

You could also use the same script set the drive letter to be a 'persistent' connection with:

net use /delete:*
net use X: [share_path] /persistent:yes
net config server /autodisconnect:-1

The delete directive is there to prevent "X: is mapped to .... do you want ...." poping up.

and the * means all drive mappings will be dropped.

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Thanks but problem not with disconnecting mapped drive I afraid.

I believe this because if I: drive mapped to \\DISKSTATION\Incoming I can't access it by typing \\DISKSTATION\Incoming either. but can using \\<IP>\Incoming .

If it mounted as \\<IP>\Incoming I can't access it using this path either but can through \\DISKSTATION\Incoming.

Also this never happened with prev. versions of uTorrent.

I started to get this problem only after update.

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It looks like following this instructions:

http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itpronetworking/thread/14fc08fb-f62b-4f86-b59f-d7a4d685b3fe (in solution marked green)

solved the problem.

Looks like something to do with network drivers (latest Intel 18.3 used)

However it a bit strange that the problem started to appear only since I updated uTorrent and (unlike of issues reported in that thread) only with uTorrent.

I guess the new uTorrent uses network more aggressively then old one.

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