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Hello friends,

I have a 256 kbps internet connection and it is behind a tenda router w548d v2.0(detachable antenna).The issue that I have is that whenever I am downloading from youtube and some few video sites then I achieve the average download speeds of upto 90kbps.But any other downloading like mp3 will only give me 40kbps.The high speed is only for youtube mainly.And my torrent download speed is also at the average range of 36kbps,but recently for a day I was receiving a download speed of 90-100 kbps.and now suddenly without changing any settings I have dropped down to the same 36 kbps range.And I had posted a question earlier in here and I was said that HTTP downloading is better than torrent.But if that was the case then I should have received the download speed of 80-90 kbps in downloading direct music files and software files from the internet.And even the other people who are using the same internet connection with same speed of 256 kbps are getting the usual download speed of 90-100 kbps in torrents.Please help me solve this problem,I really wish to gain that speed.

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